La Tomatina festival: By the numbers

Header image courtesy of flydime.

Every year, in the dog days of summer, the streets of Buñol run red with tomato juice. La Tomatina, Spain’s famed tomato-throwing festival, takes place annually in August, drawing revellers from around the world — indeed, it is without question the largest tomato fight on Earth. But just how large is it? We squished — er, crunched the numbers:

200,000: Weight, in pounds, of tomatoes that are thrown during La Tomatina.

750: Cost, in Euros, for a ticket aboard one of the six green trucks that drives through the streets of Buñol during the tomato fight.

1: Length of time, in hours, of the tomato fight.

9,600: Population of Buñol. Around 20,000 people visit Buñol every year for La Tomatina.

2: Number of times La Tomatina has been banned since its first unofficial instalment, in 1945. Both bannings took place in the 1950s.

11: Time, in the morning, that La Tomatina’s festivities kick off. The festival traditionally begins with someone climbing a tall, soapy pole to retrieve a cured ham that is placed at its peak.

0: Types of projectiles other than tomatoes that are allowed to be thrown at La Tomatina.

Getting there

Want to check out La Tomatina for yourself? G Adventures can get you there. Check out our La Tomatina Festival tour here.

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